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Woodsman Vincent Thurkettle

The Wood Fire Handbook

This book was published in October 2012 by Mitchell Beazley, London.

There are a number of good books on wood as a sustainable, renewable source of heating energy – but very few are aimed at people who just want to know how best to gather, store and burn their wood at home. Vincent has had a lifetime of living with wood fires and saw the gap in the market. He wrote the book to pass on what he had learned from the woodland people he has worked with over many years and the lessons from his own trial and error.

The book is widely available and has been translated into French and Swedish. Also available in North America via

The book is being sold in the UK by: Amazon, Waterstones, Sainsbury’s, W H Smith, the Telegraph Bookstore, Guardian Bookshop, eBay, and many independent book shops.

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